Metabolism Testing & Weight Management

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      Reach your weight and fitness goals faster. Get diet & workout plans based on your body's needs.


  • How It Works

    Vitro Diagnostic Technology

    We use Vitro Diagnostic Technology to detect hormones present in your saliva and urine (biomarkers) within minutes. Since saliva and urine are reliable biological fluids, you’ll get the most accurate assessment of your hormones in relation to your metabolism. Vitro Diagnostic Technology works by inserting your collected sample and test strip into the Seein stabilizer, where it will process and analyze your fluid and give a clear picture of your metabolic health.

    Metabolic Hormone Test

    See how thyroid hormones, cortisol, testosterone, and insulin affect your metabolism, energy levels, or changes in your weight, appetite, or physical performance. You may find this test beneficial if you’re interested in losing weight, building muscles, or boosting your fitness performance.

    Fat & Ketone Test

    See how leptin, irisin, and ketones affect body fat, appetite, and energy. Consider taking this test if you’re interested in following the keto diet, want to know if you’re in ketosis, or want to know more about your body fat levels.

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